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The Rise in Air Conditioning Installations with No External Unit – Water Cooled Internal Condenser

There’s nothing worse than feeling hot, sticky, and irritated right?

Although the summer months are great if you’re spending sun-drenched days socialising, indulging, and enjoying the outdoors, living and working in the heat can be a very different story.

And so far this summer, temperatures in the UK have frequently reached 30 degrees or more, especially in London, meaning there has been a huge demand for air conditioning units in both residential and commercial properties.

Perfect for keeping the spaces that you spend the most time in cool and comfortable, whilst improving air quality, there are a whole host of high-performance air conditioning units that will allow you to escape the heat and go about your daily business without reaching for the nearest fan.

This summer, we’ve seen a stark rise in customers opting for Water Cooled Internal Condensers, with property owners choosing both Wall Mounted and Ducted Units (air con with no external units) to use with this system.

Water Cooled Internal Condenser

Self-contained and water cooled internal condensers are a popular choice for property owners that have been told that they cannot have air conditioning with an outside condenser due to restrictions on their property.

Suitable for installation in apartments, listed buildings and properties with limited space, this type of AC unit offers a number of benefits including a low noise output and no planning permission.

This type of unit also uses mains water in an efficient and controlled manner to remove heat effectively.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning is extremely popular due to its versatility. Ideal for keeping a wide range of spaces cool and comfortable, this type of air conditioning unit is a great option for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, small offices and even server rooms.

Available in a variety of sizes, style and colours, wall-mounted air conditioning with no external unit can be adapted to suit your existing décor. But that’s not all… they also offer great value for money and can be installed high or low on your wall.

Ducted (Linear Grille) Units

Discrete, functional and powerful, ducted air conditioning units have been designed to be completely concealed, making them great for housing in a false ceiling.

A popular choice for both domestic and commercial spaces, ducted air conditioning with no external unit offer a wide range of benefits including a reverse conditioning cycle that cools and heats your home, optimum control and this innovative AC system will also allow you to easily maintain the temperature of a room with no hot or cold spots.