Air Conditioning for Retail

Find the right solution to make your shops the right temperature.

Smart AS solutions for your shops

Providing a welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable experience in a shop or retail outlet is vital in keeping customers shopping and happy! Whether it’s for a clothes or fashion shop, boutique, newsagent, bakers, beauty salon, dry cleaners, estate agents, or florist, studies have shown that the longer a shopper remains in store, the more likely they are going to spend money.

If a shop is too hot and stuffy, and smelly, particularly during the summer months, this can put customers off. For this reason, an efficient, temperature controlled, and quiet air conditioning system for a retail environment is important during the change in seasons. This also keeps your retail staff happy. It increases their productivity on the shop floor, which enables them to give better customer service and sell to their purchasers.

​With over 30 years’ experience, our team of engineers have installed air conditioning units for all types of retail, large, medium and small. We have a wealth of expertise and we always ensure we tailor each project based on your requirements. Some retail spaces are restricted to the type of air conditioning units you can install. We can complete projects quickly to avoid any disruption to shoppers and staff.

We sell and install conventional air conditioning systems such as wall mounted air conditioning, ceiling cassette units and ducted air conditioning. A number of listed buildings in London do not have planning permission to install an outside box. To overcome this problem we are able to install a water cooled internal condenser or through the wall air conditioning system. These type air conditioning units with no outside box are ideal for retail environments with limited space.

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