Air Conditioning for Restaurants

Find the right solution to make your restaurants the right temperature.

Create the Perfect Ambience

An efficient air conditioning and heating system in a restaurant is a one of the key factors, which influences the overall dining experience. Whilst food plays a vital role, customers expect a comfortable and relaxing environment. A positive restaurant experience for a customer means repeat business and increased profitability. Ensure you make a lasting first impression with a room temperature that is just right.

Air Conditioning for Restaurants
​Having proper ventilation for a restaurant is vital for the health and wellbeing of employees and customers, and control of food hygiene and temperature. Restaurants also need to control food odour, smoke and fumes from the kitchen too. There are a number of areas to consider when installing air conditioning and ventilation solutions. As well as the dining room, restaurateurs need to consider bathrooms/restrooms, the lobby area, outdoor dining areas. Hot and busy restaurant kitchens in particular have cooking and dishwasher equipment, which affects the temperature of the room. The temperature in the kitchen can also have an impact on performance of employees, and kitchen equipment such as refrigerators and freezers can work overtime.

​ACS will provide expert advice based on our wealth of expertise for your business. We install air conditioning for all building types, including restaurants in listed or restricted buildings. We fit, maintain, and service all types of air conditioning units in Greater London, Home Counties and South East. We can also sell systems based on your requirements. Tailoring around your needs on each installation project is what we pride ourselves on. As well as conventional AC solutions, such as wall mounted, ceiling cassette units and many more options, we also install water cooled internal condenser, which requires no outside box for buildings, which have restrictions on planning permission such as grade II listed buildings and restaurants with limited space.

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