Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Installation (including air conditioning without outside unit)

Install a Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning units are a versatile solution suitable for many rooms and locations. They perform well in, kitchens, bedrooms, offices and even server rooms. We can supply and install a range of air con manufacturers to give you the most suitable solution for your needs and budget.

In recent years, we’ve seen a demand in wall mounted air conditioning installations with no external unit – Water Cooled Internal Condenser. Our team are qualified experts in air conditioning with no outside unit.

Ideal for Small Rooms

Ideal for smaller areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, home cinemas, offices, server rooms and small shops.

Different Sizes & Colours

Offered in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit your room and your style.

Make sure your colleagues don’t get hot under the collar

Low or High Installations

Depending on available space, wall mounted air conditioners may be installed low or high on the wall

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of FAQs about the solution.