Through the Wall Air Conditioning

Through the Wall Air Conditioning
(air conditioning with no external unit)

Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioning

If you are not allowed an outside condenser, an alternative to the conventional air conditioning system is through the wall air conditioning. This solution is perfect for homes such as flats and apartments and offices and suitable for installation if you have an external wall.

Through the Wall Air Conditioning (air con with no external unit required)

Easy installation

If you need a fast solution, our through the wall range is ideal for your home of office.

Quiet when used

This AC solution is incredibly quiet when being used to cool your room or any other space in your house.

The Benefits of Leasing Air Conditioning

Minimal Fit

They fit tightly in your wall through the use of a wall sleeve. This prevents unwanted drafts when the unit is switched off

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of FAQs about the through the wall ACs.

We are drafting our FAQs for this solution.